How to wear a shirt?

There are so many ways to dress a shirt. Especially, when it comes to shirt dresses! Wear it like a cardigan, open or half-closed, using the belt you love. Let’s discover toghether the best way to match your outfit with your personality.

A widely known way is  tucked (or not) with a pair of jeans. The white button-down looks fresh and clean, with your pants, jeans or even with your skirt! Whether its length is full, midi, at the knee, or mini, we’re a fan of how a skirt adds interesting volume to the lines of our straight up-and-down shirt.  A classic but still the safest way to make your outfit seem simple and stylish.

Another easy way is to dress it open, wearing a t-shirt from the inside. Keep it comfortable and casual by wearing a long booton-up with legging or skinny jeans and adding sneakers. Or, do it the sporty way, wear it with boyfit jeans or even with tracksuits. But no case we forget how useful it is tied around your waist.

Well known also, worn with a pullover. Go for the ultimate preppy look, and wear your button-up under a sweater, letting the collar, sleeves, and bottom peak out. More sexy if the shirt is made of lace. Why don’t you try wearing it with a tie, for a more tomboy look?!

For a more “warm” and “cozy” look, you can choose an oversized pullover.

Time to use our extra long shirts! Colorful or not,  printed or embroidered,you can create an amazing look! Wear it with the most in-fashion slippers,sneakers or any casual footwear. For your evening walks, prefer flatforms or wedges. If you still wanna look feminine, put on your mid heels, high heels or sandals.


Chemisier dresses are here to stay!

For those who really wanna differ, wear a chambray shirt under your dress! It’s the brand new way to dress your shirt! It exhales self-confidence and some kind of dynamism. The fotos below will help you expirement with your clothes!!


So, which one do you prefer the most?


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